HTML5 Autoplay Multiple MP4 Videos At Once with on Google Chrome

I ran into a problem while building the interface for my new user study recently. For some reason, Google Chrome refused to run the autoplay of multiple MP4 videos on HTML5. My computer had Windows 10, and my web app for the study used Ruby on Rails. The same web functionalities ran perfectly on my laptop, so it had to be a problem of the browser or Windows 10 on the computer.

After a lot of digging, I found a solution that worked for me. I had to install this Video for Windows codec, and it finally ran.


Improving Image Quality Prediction using Image Semantics

The poster below describes initial experiment results on using semantic features to improve image quality prediction, and was presented at the IEEE-EURASIP summer school on signal processing 2016 in Cavalese, Italy.

A follow-up paper was presented in IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia 2016  which describes more complete experiment results and analysis. Please refer to the paper through this link.